Tuesday, January 18, 2011


i was getting scared on every second,time is going so fast....i dont know wot to do... :( .JO and JIMMY is with me only all the time..i started crying in a corner of the room...the room was so silent
and our maid rosy, heared the noise of my sobbing.she came to my room and asked me that why
am crying.....At last i told her the reason,she given me the promise that she will look after my pets.
            2 days finished and i felt that clock is running so fast.....as time going ,my heart beat is also beating too fast..Dad came to my room  and told me that to pack everything. As i was scared
to talk to him directly all the time,so i stood there by silent by nodding my head .he told me that college name is" westwood"college  in Los Angeles...and .be to be ready at morning 6.00 on day after tomarrow .JO and Jimmy were so sad and they seem to be so silent all the time,by looking to their eyes i felt that, as they were telling me "please dont go from here,we will be alone,we need u to be with us all the time...A pain came to my heart ,when i thought am going from here with out them...:(
Finally that day came .i was ready at 6 and after having breakfast ,we are about to leave our house,JO and JIMMY were standing in a corner of the house. i ran near to them and hugged and kissed them a lot,tears were rolling from my eyes.....then i went near mom,wendy and max and told good bye to them..dad was in a hurry ,he  started to shout from the car telling come fast.i went and sit in the back seat of the car.when the car started going ,i was looking through the back glass and saw my home getting far away from me..............
                                                              {continue in next post}

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