Sunday, January 16, 2011


It was a christhmas eve....snow was falling all around.i was looking  through the window and was seeing the outside were playing with the snow making snowballs and throwing each other..and some of the kid were making snow man .old poeple were going to church in a buzy...
I wish that i could be joined with that kids and want to play by making snow man and by throwing 
snow balls.....i was feeling more cold nw,inside the room.i went to fireplace and lite the fire and 
started sitting infront of mom and dad were in a hurry to go to the 
brother max and my sister wendy were also going with them.but they didnt asked me that 
r u coming with us....
    when they went from there ,i was alone in that house with my JO and JIMMY.we were sitting near the fireplace and i started dreaming .........then for some minutes i was in a wonderland as 
like alice in the wondeland..when the jo jump to my lap ,i realized that am not in any wonderland and i was just dreaming all....  
Days and months passed and my veccation usual days 
i was with my JO and JIMMY and flowers in the garden.i was so happy that all days with my pets.
 My school veccation is going to finish with in 4 days..oh god i dnt know to which place and to which college am going to study my +1 &+2 .
Am scared to go away from my JO and JIMMY,i cant leave them alone here...who will look after them if i will go from i dont want to go from here,i dont want to study ......god please help

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