Friday, January 14, 2011


hey friends i just tell u people 1 story of a girl.....

There was a girl ,named RIYA.....who was  lonely in her life...
and lonelyness made that girl to to be a silent one amoung others..she 
used to dream so....much in her life.her siblings were busy in their own
 life and they never talk to her.she used to talk to the flowers in
her garden and to the animals.she is having pets like 1 hamster  named JO
and 1 Cat named jimmy...when ever she feels sad ,riya used to wrote it
in a paper and keep all the papers  in her old black bag which she think it as a great locker for her valuable things...........,
                                                    {continues in nextpost}
                                                                            by shamna                    

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